cheeky token tuesday- the rise and fall

Overall, there are currently 270,121 independent businesses across the UK. Just think of all those individuals taking the giant leap to owning their own empire, regardless of what they are selling or what service they provide. Sadly, according to figures more and more of these businesses are facing tougher struggles to keep them open and are having to give up their livelihood.

In 2015, 34,288 new independent businesses opened around the UK however a staggering 33,812 had to close and stopped trading.  The positive news is the number of places that closed down was actually slightly less than that in 2014 where 34,324 closed. This is still a huge number however hopefully we may see another decline for 2016 and hopefully more growth in the independent business sector.

Don’t let this put you off making the giant leap to go solo, there are so many great independent companies out there that are thriving. So much so that local areas and towns have decided to launch small business awards and recognise the importance such businesses bring to the local community. Check out The Bed’s on Sunday  and One MK‘s websites launching the awards, nominations and how to vote. Hopefully this will be continued next year again to get the small independent business the recognition they deserve!

So really the message from this blog that we want to get across is to really help support your independent businesses right on your door step. Whether you use them daily to buy your bread and milk from or occasionally to buy that extra special birthday gift as long as you use them hopefully they’ll always be there! Why drive out to these retail parks when you could have a leisurely walk into town and get some fresh air along the way?

If you happen to think their more expensive….think again! Head to our directory to find out where you can also save some cheeky pounds with your cheek card: exclusive discounts @ local businesses.

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