cheeky token tuesday – advertising

Being a new business we understand the importance of advertising and getting as much exposure as you can with a limited budget.

We’re lucky enough recently to of had articles in both MK News and the Bed’s on Sunday and book stalls at various fetes and festivals over the summer including Meppershall at the end of this month (25th June 2016).

It can be a struggle deciding where and when to advertise to make the most of your budget. There are now so many forms of advertising with the internet and social media booming! Newspaper’s are always a great way to advertise to the local area along with flyers, local magazines and booklets. These all appeal to your local clientele however what if you want to spread the word about your products and services a little further a field.

Obviously the internet is a great place to start by having your own website. This can however sometimes get a bit lost unless your customers know exactly where to find you. There are ways of making your site more visible which sometimes costs money but is great for attracting new potential customers.

There are also the options of advertising, generally for free however with the option to pay for more exposure targeting direct markets, through social media. We have seen a massive influx of businesses using social media as a large proportion of society interact on these sites on a daily basis.

Blogging is another great way to draw attention to your business, especially if you can get a well established blogger to blog about you. Again it draws potential customers in and increases traffic to your own website and social media pages.

Banners and visuals are another cheeky way of getting your brand out there. Many buses and taxis provide a great moving billboard, alternatively banners are quite often strategically placed on roundabouts, street railings or directly on the business building frontage.

Lastly, advertising through other companies such as us here at cheeky token! We offer independent businesses the chance to advertise for free on our website and help push advertising posts through social media. We also offer businesses signed up to cheeky token a little cheeky discount to advertise with local radio, and make them aware of events ourselves are involved in to push their businesses for them!

There are of course many other options when it comes to advertising, these are just a few. If you own a business and fancy some cheeky free advertising through us, get in touch!

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