Cool down with cheeky token

We have some cheeky ways to keep cool this summer.

For a full cool down experience- guaranteed to be lots of fun in the sun head down to Box End Park and tackle their aqua park. Set on a beautiful lake in the Bedfordshire country side with loads of space for spectators and picnics its a great location to get together with friends and family. There is an on site restaurant and bar as after all the activity refreshments will be required. Book with your cheeky token card for 15 people and all receive free wet suit hire usually £5! This summer they are also introducing Lake Ninja where you can be timed to complete the floating obbstical course to top the leader board. This will be open weekends and booking recommended.

Something less energetic but still cooling, try Gallone’s Ice cream Parlour in the Old Arcade in Bedford. They serve a delicious range of desserts with creamy ice creams to cool even the little ones down during the hot weather. It is important of course to also keep hydrated in the heat so our friends down at Gallone’s are giving a free bottle of water with any dessert ordered. Get 15% off with your cheeky card!

You can always hit the big waves to cool down and try something different. Twinwoods offer an indoor surfing experience where you can learn the basics to look cool on a board. Ride on the specially designed surf machine waves and try and hold your pose long enough for your spectators to grab a pic. The cheeky girls haven’t yet tried this experience but they offer many more including jumping off the top of their wind tower that houses the indoor skydiving. Book an experience now and get 10% off whatever your brave enough to attempt!

Forest of Marston Vale offers great walks/cycle routes to enjoy the sunshine. A completely charity run business aiming to grow new woodlands around bedfordshire. After enjoying the sunshine head into their Forest Centre Cafe for a cool drink or even abite to eat. Remember to take along your cheeky card for deals on main courses or 2 regular coffees for £3, all profits go towards planting trees so a cheeky coffee = new green spaces to enjoy- as well as every cheeky card sold- we donate £1 to this amazing charity and their work! Sign up here.

Enjoy the sun while it lasts- we know what the usual British Summer is like! Keep hydrated and remember the sun screen!


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