Daddy Day!

We all have that one special man in our life especially us cheeky girls! Happy Fathers Day dad! Whether your dad is close by or a thousand miles away we have some perfect gift ideas for all the daddy heroes out there. It’s only a week and a bit to go so get organised.

FOOD- They say a way to a mans heart is through food, although you already hold your dads heart a cheeky meal out is a great way to celebrate. Meeting somewhere half way or picking him up on route there are many independent pubs/restaurants that has special menus to cater for all tastes. Remember to book, as Sundays are one of the busiest days in the catering trade.

ACTIVITY- For those fit (I’m not too old yet) dads out there a day trip to a fun activity can go down a treat. Perfect daddy – daughter/son-bonding time. You could have him hanging from ropes in the top of trees to racing cars round one of Brittan’s best circuits.

PERSONALISED- There are so many companies out there now that you can literally get anything personalised. From BBQ tools to reading glasses holders the possibilities are endless!

HOMEMADE- Not everyone has an elaborate budget to splash the cash and something homemade can mean so much more. A simple card can mean the world and my dad had many when I was young- he still has them today. Feeling craftier? A photo album, cushion for his favourite seat in the house or even a mug for his morning coffee.

DRINK- Not going to lie- both our cheeky dads love a tipple. Whether it is a dram of whisky or a pint of Guinness, treat them down the local or take a bottle round to enjoy in the sun!

HOBBIES- Endless opportunities here! They may be into golf, football, cars or bikes but tickets to a local event, or a new gadget for there sport could be a winner. My dad’s lucky to get a tyre pressure gauge this year- exciting I know, however he travels around in his camper and thought it could come in handy.

TIME- There’s no greater gift than time. Pop over for a coffee (or something stronger) and just hang out. Reminisce over old times, look through pictures, ask many questions and enjoy. If you dad happens to be far away, stay up late and face time in order to wish them a happy fathers day from the other side of the world.

Jo & Dad

Louise & Dad

However you decide to treat your dad have the best time!

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