fresh token friday – dr jones pc support

Every so often, we love to speak to our business owners who are featured with us here at Cheeky Token and hear all about their business path and how they made the dream of working for themselves come true.

This week we spoke to John Jones, Director of Dr Jones PC Support who is based in Biggleswade and we asked him to tell his story and offer any advice he may have to other start up independent businesses….

Here is his story:-

“Unofficially, It all began as an Idea to earn a spare bit of cash on the side four years ago which quickly spread around the local population of Biggleswade about cheap, yet effective computer repairs. Officially, three years in, the Business is now officially self-sustaining without any input from my own pocket, VAT Registered and still making a profit when you take into account expenditures like Liability Insurances, Accountancy Fee’s and running a fully functional Remote Support & Helpdesk system.

My success, however, is not just my own. My customers make up a large portion of my success through word of mouth and recommendations. They’re the real back bone of my business.

Dr Jones PC Support is an independent company that is both Customer Driven not only through Low Cost maintenance, but the High Quality standards you would expect from a business. As we see it, if we wouldn’t be happy using the computer ourselves, why would we expect our customers to?

I am a business owner who can honestly say he is living the dream. I wake each morning knowing I have opportunities in front of me waiting to be taken and understand that there are others in this world waiting for that feeling. With that in mind, it’s why I keep my prices low. In a world where we rely heavily on Computers, if someone who relies on theirs to keep up with the world should fall behind because their lifeline is broken, I want to be that company who helps them back on their way.

Like any industry, The Computer Repair industry is both challenging and faced with a lot of competition from the likes of Search Engines and other similar businesses offering cheaper services but by staying loyal to my morals, my customers relate to that. It’s taken nearly four years to get where I am. It’s been financially draining, physically challenging and above all, finding the “Happy Medium” between my customers and my business.

My advice to anyone running an independent business is to be innovative, adaptive and competitive. Understand your customers language because you write the rules to your game. It’s up to your customers whether they play or not.”

Dr Jones PC Repair was one of the first businesses to join Cheeky token and we appreciate the friendship we have built together. We help each other often, offer each other advice and promote each other to others. Dr Jones PC Repair, is a perfect example of what the Cheeky token girls are about and what they had in mind when setting up their business. Independent businesses who support and help one another! If we all pull together, we can help build each other up.

“If one person alone can achieve so much, imagine what many people can do together”.

For more information or if you would like Dr Jones to have a look at your PC or Mac, go to his website– he is also launching a new site soon and like his business page on Facebook.10857887_669132959850645_7166173512227115272_n

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